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The FIRST business forum Start On | Chelopech with guest speaker Nicky Kanchev!

For the speaker

Nikolay Milchev Kanchev (born December 26, 1960 in Cherven Bryag) is a Bulgarian journalist, radio and television host, showman. He is more popular as Niki Kanchev, the host of TV Games “Who wants to Become Rich”, One Against All, and Big Brother (all-season shows from 2004-2018, without one in 2008) on Nova Television and in 2010 became the host of the "SMS for millions" TV show. In 2010 he gave his voice to the animated web series "Bulgar". In 2011, he became the host of the Niki Kanchev for rent program. In 2012, he re-run Vip Brother 2012 and Big Brother All stars. In 2017 the Academy of Fashion distinguished him with the prize for the most stylish and successful Bulgarian "BG Fashion Icon". In 2019, Kanchev was part of the detectives on Nova TV's The Masked Singer.

For the forum

The mission of Start On | Chelopech is about developing entrepreneurial thinking in the community and helping to sustain business in the region. The goals of the forum are:

  1. Encouraging innovation and creativity;
  2. Creating a favorable business environment for sharing successful models of management, advertising, motivation, personal development;
  3. Indication of the right path for the development of entrepreneurs;
  4. Providing information on free market niches, favorable conditions for starting a business;
  5. Providing entrepreneurship training environment;
  6. Encouraging and helping entrepreneurs to start their business.

The lecture part is aimed at enhancing the capacity and capabilities of beginners entrepreneurs regarding their investment readiness and business culture. It is led by a specially selected speaker who talks about the opportunities that are emerging in his field of activity for young entrepreneurs and how they can develop as such. The discussion panel enables the audience to ask questions of interest to the speaker.

Forum seats are limited (50 seats), only invited guests will be allowed.

A business cocktail with an emphasis on creating contacts and partnerships will be held from 8:00 pm. when you will have the opportunity to talk in person with the speaker of the event.

Come and be part of an unforgettable experience in the world of business entrepreneurship!

The registration form for the event is already closed. Thank you for the interest!